Welcome to Guess the score page by win365days.com !

We have launched a new game for cricket fans worldwide where you can win by guessing the score of 1st inning of match .

How To Play :

To get started you must have Dollars in your account .
Then you can choose the contest according to the money you want to win. For example you selected $5 guess the score contest .

Now you will have to select the score counter which according to you will have max chance to score in the match . So if your guess was 151-160 counter and match score for 1st inning is also under this guess ex. 155 then you will WIN the contest .

Over here all the people who guess the correct score counter will win the winning pool and prize will be distributed among all correct guess .
Now let us take an example if there are total 100 people playing $5 guess the score contest
So total pool winning prize will be approx $400

Now you guess score counter of 151-160 and out of 100 people 10 other people also guessed for the same counter . Now 1st inning score is also 155 which is in between 151-160 .
So now those 10 people who selected that counter will win the winning pool i.e 400/10 =$40

So you invested $5 and you won $40 . This is how you can win multiple times of your investment in guess the score game And best part will be it don’t require much knowledge and time as it you can begin playing within seconds in guess the score section .

Wish You Winning
Team Win365days !