Get $10 Signup Bonus


Welcome To ,

So as requested by many users that we should offer some bonus for new users ,we have now introduced $10 signup bonus for every new user that signup on website fro 16th April 2019 . This $10 bonus will be added in your promotional bonus wallet and you can use this balance with some conditions as mentioned below :

1- This promo balance can be used when you have balance in the main wallet only . So if you want to join any contest then 10 % of that contest value will be added from your promotional balance automatically . 

So if we take an example :

You decided to join $10 contest then $9 will be deducted from your main balance and 10 % of $10 i.e $1 will be auto added from your Promo balance . 

We hope you will be happy to hear this promo balance offer . 


Team Win365days