What If one of my choose player doesn’t play the live match?

If your player doesn’t feature in live match then your player does not get any points.

What if the contest doesn’t get filled with number of participants?

If that contest is confirm contest so if the users are less in contest then also the amount will be distributed as stated. But if it is Not confirm contest in that case if number of users are less than the contest size then all the amount will be refunded back to the user account to play in next match.

Why do you charge a fee to enter a contest?

We charge small amount as platform fee, so we can advertise and maintain the platform.

How much time it take for deposit?

As soon as you do transaction and as soon as 6 confirmations on blockchain shows you will see your amount in account.

How much time it take for withdraw?

It usually takes up to 72 hours for withdrawal to reach your specified address .In coming months we might go instant withdrawals but for time being as it will be manual process it can take up to 72 hours.

Is affiliate system will be there forever?

Our affiliate earning plan with 7.5 % on 3 levels can be changed revised or removed anytime without any prior notice to the users . It might be there forever or can be changed according to company needs.

Can I choose all players from one side?

No, max 7 player from one team can be selected and rest has to be from other side.

How many max multiple team we can create in one contest?

6 team’s max you can create in 1 contest.

What Happens when there is a tie between users? How will the price get distributed then?

When there is a tie between 2 or more users then the price money is divided equally among the winners.

Do I get points for super over in a match?

No we don’t consider the super over on win365days. So runs scored in super over will not be counted so it will not reflect in your contest points as well.

What happen if there is a tie between winners of a multiple winner contest?

To explain let me give an example, in such case all the prize money will remain as per winning standing. So if there are 2 winners for 1 position then the sum of 1st and 2nd position prize money will be distributed equally between these 2 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded the prize money for rank 3rd. So for both ranking 1 and 2 will share same ranking as 1 and 1 and next position will be 3rd.

What will happen if the match is abandoned?

In that case the entire entry fee will be credited back to the user account if the real live match gets abandoned.

What if the match result comes using D/L Rule?

In that case if the winner of the team is announced, means if the match is rain effected and overs get reduced and other team is declared win so in that case the user which has the highest point at the time of declaration will win.

What happen if test match is declared as draw?

In that case if not even single team has completed his inning then all the amount will be refunded back.

What is the role of captain and Vice-captain in team?

The player who you make captain of your team will earn 2 times the point whereas Vice captain will earn 1.5 times the points for his performance. So you must choose captain and vice captain wisely.

I have spent my 100 points so now how do I complete my team?

This is the fun of playing at win365days where you need to choose 11 players under the given 100 points.

Can I edit my team during the round?

No, once the timer shown over the match stops you cannot edit any of your team .As its game of skill so you need to choose players and make your final team before the match begins.

How Can I see my rank?

You can see your rank once match begins and your player started scoring runs . It gets updated nearly within 5 minutes after the match begins.

Can I create multiple teams in same contest?

Yes, you can create multiple teams, by simply clicking on the contest and adding more and more team the max being 6 teams in single contest.

How i will get $5 Bonus For Signup ?

This is our promotional offer valid for only 1st 1000 people who will get $5 credited in there account if they refer 10 people directly under them . This balance will be available in promotional wallet only and can be withdrawn once person win match against other user and then it will be available in Main Balance Wallet .

How Can I Win Dubai Tour As Mentioned In Offers ?

For now as we have just started at Win365days.com we have less number of users for now but as time goes we will start Mega leagues with 1000 people and the winner who win that Mega League and come on Spot 1 Will win Dubai Tour for 3 days and 2 Nights .

What Happen When Match Result Is Tie In Real Life Game ?

In that case the money is distributed to the winners as it was meant to be . So there will be no impact on the winners in case of Tie in real life game .

What It means By Sign "C" In Contest ?

When you see sign C in front of contest it means that contest is confirmed contest .So if the contest is between 2 people and only you join the contest and match got closed then you will be auto declared winner for that contest .

What is meaning of sign "M" in contest ?

When you see sign M that means Multiple entry allowed . So in that contest where you see sign M there you can create 6 teams in same contest !

How many maximum teams one person can create in one single contest ?

6 , so you can play max 6 teams in one single contest .

How To Receive promotional balance and what is someone miss use the system to achieve it ?

To receive promotional balance one must refer 10 direct referrals under his id and all the users must be registered from different ips to ensure they are not fake users created to get $5 promotional balance . If one found to abuse the system misuse the system to get $5 promotional balance then that user will not be payed for the winning amount as well and his id will be blocked to ensure the user don't do such activity again .